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UMHS Webinars 

If you are unable to attend an in-person information session in your area, join us from the comfort of your home for one of our informational webinars. Featuring admissions staff and current students or alumni, webinars are a convenient way to learn why UMHS has become the choice for hundreds of aspiring physicians each year.  Our goal is to cover the most important topics including but not limited to:


1)  Detailed overview of the Basic and Clinical Science Program

2)  Differentiators between UMHS and other Caribbean medical schools

3)  USMLE preparation with Kaplan Medical

4)  Outcomes on USMLE Step 1 and 2

5)  Licensure and Residency Placement

6)  Admissions

7)  Financial Aid


Throughout the session we will stop to answer questions by students and webinar attendees.  We look forward to having you join one of our upcoming webinars!


President's Webinar

On a monthly basis we hold a special webinar for all prospective students.  President Ross, along with UMHS staff, students and alumni will participate in this wonderful opportunity for you to directly interact with key members of the UMHS family.  Our goal is to provide you with a thorough overview of various aspects of the program. Discover more about our personalized approach to medical education, state-of-the-art campuses, comprehensive loan program, and superior student outcomes.


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