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Transfer Policy/Advanced Standing


UMHS considers potential transfer applicants who have completed prior medical school coursework (in a similarly structured MD program) on a per case basis.  The latest entry point for transfer students is the 5th semester, which is located at our campus in Portland, Maine. The fifth semester consists of two courses: Introduction to Clinical Medicine II and Biological Basis of Medicine which includes an intense 7 week USMLE review and preparation through our partnership with Kaplan Medical. Students who have successfully completed USMLE Step I and wish to transfer must pass a shortened, modified 5th semester which still includes the Introduction of Clinical Medicine II course.  Students transferring to UMHS benefit from the small classes, personalized education, state of the art facilities, and great outcomes on USMLE Step 1 and 2.  Please note that UMHS does not accept transfers directly into the third or fourth year Clinical Science Program.


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To be considered for admission with advanced standing, transfer applicants must complete the UMHS application for admission and meet all UMHS pre-requisite requirements, including successful completion of all prescribed undergraduate courses. In addition to transcripts from their prior medical school(s) and a Dean's letter from that medical school, applicants must submit copies of all undergraduate and graduate school transcripts, two letters of recommendation, the application fee, and MCAT results (if applicable).  USMLE results must also be submitted for all attempts made.


For more information on transferring to UMHS, please contact the Office of Admissions toll-free at 866-686-0380, direct at 212-868-0855 or via email at 


Students interested in transferring out of UMHS to another school should contact those schools directly to obtain their transfer policies and requirements for advanced standing.  Please be advised that transfer policies for both U.S. and Caribbean schools vary greatly depending upon the school and location. 


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