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Warm greetings from the University of Medicine and Health Sciences on the beautiful island of St. Kitts. As Dean of Basic Sciences, I would like to share with you why I am so proud of our medical school. To begin, we have a thoroughly modern, well equipped facility. In many aspects, it is superior to medical schools I have taught at in the United States.


For example, in our Anatomy lab, we have a high resolution camera that allows us to demonstrate structures and techniques while students watch on high resolution monitors directly over their cadaver stations. The lab itself is spacious, well-appointed and has an advanced ventilation system that holds fumes to the absolute minimum. Our students perform full cadaveric dissections as opposed to just being shown the structures on already dissected cadavers.  In fact, we maintain a 6-1 student to cadaver ratio which is the U.S. standard.


For classes, since our entire campus is wireless students have access to the faculty powerpoint lectures and class notes. Students in class can download the powerpoint lectures to annotate and save for study purposes.  All of this data can be accessed either on campus or in the clouds from anywhere in the world. The technology on campus substantially enhances the quality of education.


The campus has a large Learning Resources Center with numerous individual study carrels and breakout rooms for group study. Please visit our library home page at We have a 24 bed virtual hospital equipped with advanced human simulators and we bring in standardized patients to help hone clinical skills.

But beyond the fact that we have the finest buildings and equipment, what makes us really stand out is our faculty. Our master teachers not only know the material, they know how to present and explain it in a way that helps you to learn. I can honestly say I have never previously had the pleasure of working with so many professors that have such a passion for teaching.

We have an open door policy. If you have a question, we want you to go to the relevant faculty member and have them provide the answer one on one in their office. Our goal is your success. We understand that everyone has their own optimum way of learning and try to help you fully develop that skill. Many medical schools more or less leave you to sink or swim on your own. That is not us. Our mission is to see that you make it through with excellent board scores and match with a good residency.

To be sure, medical school is not easy. It will stretch you to the limit. Consider the fact that a hundred years ago, medical school was four years long. In the past century, scientific knowledge has grown exponentially, but medical school is still four years. I tell entering medical students to look deep within themselves and get in touch with that motivation that caused them to want to be a doctor. I tell them never lose touch with that because when the going gets tough they can reach inside and use that to propel themselves over the hurdles.

If you have that desire to expand longevity, improve the quality of life, reduce suffering and make this world a better place, we want to hear from you.



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Dean of Basic Science



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