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Organizations and Clubs

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Organizations & Clubs


UMHS has a vibrant body of student-run clubs and organizations that reflect the diversity of our student population. 



SGA: Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is a student-elected organization that acts as the liaison between the school administration and the student body.  The electoral board consists of ten class representatives and five executive board members. Each semester the SGA organizes celebratory student events such as the Welcome Back Party, mid-semester Sunfest Beach Party and the Student Clinician Ceremony. Visit the UMHS SGA Facebook page for more information.



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African and Caribbean Student Association (ACSA)


Mission statement: The African and Caribbean Student Association (ACSA) is committed to bridging the gap with the community and building stronger bonds as we move forward togehter. Past and present events include Pie the Professor (a fundraiser in which the professors got a pie in the face; it was a huge success). Also a scholarship toward support of young STEM scholars here in St. Kitts. In addition, a Suture Clinic and an Annual Student/Professor Dinner. For more information, please email ACSA president Tanesha Artis at




American Medical Student Association (AMSA)


Mission statement: AMSA fosters a community of future physicians through education and advocacy. The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) is the oldest and largest independent student-governed organization for physicians-in-training in the U.S. AMSA is comprised of medical and premedical students, interns, residents, and practicing physicians from across the world. AMSA is committed to representing the concerns of physicians-in-training and improving the lives of medical students. AMSA’s aspirations are: quality, affordable health care for all; global health equity; enriching medicine through diversity; professional integrity, development and student well-being. AMSA is a place where you, as a student, can have a voice for the things that matter to you and your future patients. You can be an advocate for the change you believe in. It is the place that helps you remember why it was you wanted to be a physician. On campus, the UMHS AMSA chapter strives to accomplish AMSA’s goals through different programs including running simulation labs and organizing student-led health fairs for the community.  Past and present events include a Bake Sale, Intubation, Venipuncture and Ophthalmoscopy Simulation Lab, and AMSA Health Fair and Clothing Drive.  Email president Zachary Vandeveer at You may also visit or



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American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA)


Mission statement: The American Medical Women's Association is an organization that functions at the local, national, and international level to advance women in medicine and improve women's health. We achieve this by providing and developing leadership, education, expertise, mentoring, strategic alliances, and advocating for gender equity in the medical community. Past and present events include Blood Typing Lab, Women's Health Seminar by Dr. Jane Harrington, SKI Academy Sexual Health Seminar, St. Christopher Children's Home Sexual Health Seminar, Fundraising Holiday Bake Sale, and UMHS vs. RUSVM Soccer Classic.  For more information, please contact UMHS AMWA president Briana Fanning at or or visit the UMHS AMWA Facebook page or the national AMWA website.



Because We Care (BWeC)

Mission statement: Our club centers on three main pillars: Build – Widen – Connect. Build a relationship between the UMHS community and St. Kitts. Widen the impact of UMHS in St. Kitts by promoting healthy living and providing education on high-risk health topics. Connect UMHS students to volunteer opportunities to allow them to improve interpersonal skills while making a difference in the community. Our mission is to conduct events that promote health education and awareness in St. Kitts by engaging the community in outreach events. Our goal is to provide students with various opportunities to take part, while creating a positive impact in the community. We hope to help students build upon their interpersonal skills.


If you have anything you would like to see happen, we're definitely a new club so we'd love ideas and feedback. This past semester our goal was to just start making connections with other organizations and then find some potential volunteer positions for anyone interested. Recent events include a three-set women's speaker series held at UMHS, targeting locals (but students were welcome). This was held in connection with Lake Health and Wellbeing & Fit Wellness Center. Also a 3 x 3 basketball game where we tried to get signatures for the Healthy Caribbean Coalition's petition for more money to help put healthier foods in schools while creating a new healthier food labeling system. In addition, we did a seminar with Dr. Kaplan after Block 2. Finally, a Clinical Diagnostic Review which is a PD/CPR Refresher/Practice.  For more information, please contact Because We Care president Kirthana Sugunathevan at




This is a brand-new group started in May 2019. For more information on the group's mission statement and upcoming events, please contact Brainstorms president Yulia Kungurova at



Cardiology Interest Group

For more information on this group, its mission statement and upcoming events, please contact Cardiology Interest Group president Kelvin Calvo Robles at



Express Your Stress

Mission statement: Express Your Stress exists to promote healthy release of stress, teach stress relief, and advocate for students with stress vulnerabilities. A career in medicine is filled with stress and we aim to empower students with skills to deal with that stress. Upcoming events include a seminar with Because We Care on depression and how to help depressed patients, a meditation seminar, a yoga session, a movie night, a seminar on the neurological effects of stress and how to interact with people who are over stressed, with the partnership of Because We Care, chair massages and the Block 3 Party. For more information, please contact president Elizabeth Armitage at




Mission statement: To learn and promote knowledge about health care systems and their diversity worldwide, assist disadvantaged communities and advocate for health care access as a human right.  UMHS Me4You was started in 2016 by UMHS student Ariana Hernandez, and also became a student organization. Med4You has organized medical mission trips to Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and most recently Costa Rica (in late April 2019 and early May 2019) and is planning to go on many more trips. Med4You brought relief and badly needed health care to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Med4You works closely with Dr. Angel Matos of the UMHS Global Health Institute on medical mission trips. Med4You recently had a hot dog and bake sale for fundraising with the help of Dr. Michael Doherty and a Neuro Clinic. Contact Med4You president Frances Colon at and like their Facebook page and visit the Med4You website.



Preventive Medicine Association

For more information on this association, its mission statement and upcoming events, please contact president Nicole Carrillo via email at



Scuba Dive Club (SDC)

Mission statement: We as a club want to have UMHS not just be a school for medicine, but to grow as a school that rounds a student's medical character toward their surroundings. Being in the Caribbean, we have both the North Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea to view every single day, never realizing how much there is to explore around the island. Our goal is to both have an escape for students from studying each day, as well as give an appreciation to 70% of the world not everyone gets to see. Each semester we have incorporated both the teachings of scuba diving as well as conservation in terms of the oceans that we take for granted. Over the past two semesters, we have trained plenty of new divers, with more lessons to come, which is a huge advantage when it comes to residency applications in order to separate an applicant and make one stand out from similar candidates. We have also set up cleanup dives with RUSVM in order to clean up the catamaran area from all the plastic and debrist that has been thrown overboard during trips. In order for students to find activities away from class, we have incorporated a lot of events with RUSVM. Past and present events include Student Dive Day, Block 2 4th of July Party, PD Review, Discovery Scuba Dive Raffle, PADI Certification, providing diving opportunities along with PADI certification, powderpuff football games at Sunfest, clean-up dives and beach clean-ups in order to break the barrier between veterinary students and UMHS students. Since the SDC club was formed, many of our members have found joy in exploring the oceans around St. Kitts, and grown closer as a group, something we hope to continue to grow with in the future semesters. For more information, please contact UMHS Scuba Dive Club president Danny Obermiller at or join their Facebook page.



Sports Club

The Sports Club at UMHS offers a variety of sporting events and activities, including team-based sports and sports outings. For more information on upcoming events for Summer and Fall 2019, please email Sports Club president Bryan Calderin at




Mission statement: STEPS is a dance therapy club to provide a relaxing environment for the medical students at UMHS through dancing. This club is for dancers and non-dancers who just want to de-stress after a week of studying and make connections with future colleagues. Past and present events include weekly salsa classes on Fridays, Sunfest Dance Competition, UMHS' Got Talent, Breast Cancer Awareness Day, the donation of school supplies to local children, and much more. For more information, email STEPS president Anthony Velez at





UMHS Surgery Interest Group (UMHS-SIG)

Mission statement: The purpose of the Surgery Interest Group (SIG) is to provide opportunities for students to supplement their educational experience through hands-on practical laboratories and clinics. Exposure to the clinical side of medicine while in basic sciences enhances the students' skill sets and permits better integration of medical concepts. In addition, these activities give students the opportunity to enhance personal and professional relationships, develop leadership skills, and serve the school and local community. Past and present events include Introduction to Suturing Clinic with Dr. Afolabi, Dr. Doherty's Casting Clinic, Advanced Suturing Clinic and Surgical Technique Demo with Dr. Afolabi, Dr. Doherty's Interactive Radiology Seminar Part I, II and III, Dr. Afolabi's Embryology Review Seminar, CSI Experience hosted by Dr. Doherty, Comprehensive Anatomy Practical & Review with Dr. Afolabi, First Aid Clinic, St. Christopher Children's Home Visit, UMHS Community Health Fair Clinic and Clothing Drive, PALS (Pediatrics Assistance League of St. Kitts) Fundraiser Bake Sale and Bake Sale Fundraiser for The Spectrum Services Autism Centre. Join the Surgery Interest Group Facebook page or email the group's president Jessica Heymans at for more information.





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