UMHS Class of 2018 Testimonials


“Almost all professors either in St. Kitts and Maine inspired me in their unique way to continue and push harder every day to fulfill my dream. One professor who was the most inspiring to me was Professor of Biochemistry Dr. Prakash Mungli. It was his daily dedication toward all students, his teaching methods and even his YouTube videos that inspired me to continue my journey, but also made me realize I would like to one day become a medical school professor.” --Dr. Brian Gonzalez Sanabia, Class of 2018, Internal Medicine resident at Hospital Episcopal San Lucas in Puerto Rico


“I feel that attending medical school in the Caribbean really opens your eyes to healthcare access, or lack thereof, in other countries. UMHS gave me a greater perspective of the difficulties many face in obtaining adequate health care and treatment. These experiences really helped embolden my drive and passion in becoming not only a physician, but the type of doctor that helps transform and change the landscape of medicine and globally improve health care and healthcare access. I absolutely believe that attending UMHS and the experiences I had there gave me several advantages going into residency. The first and foremost is resiliency and the ability to handle adversity.” --Dr. Obteene Azimi-Ghomi, Class of 2018, General Surgery resident at Kendall Regional Medical Center in Miami, Florida


“The staff on the island were some of the best professors I’ve ever had, and I don’t think I would be where I am without them. They really went above and beyond to make sure we learned the material for Step 1. " --Dr. Arjun Kanwal, Class of 2018, Internal Medicine resident at MedStar Baltimore in Maryland. 


"UMHS offers very competitive tuition and an excellent education. Also, St. Kitts is a beautiful island and who wouldn’t want to spend 16 to 20 months with ocean views from campus and home.” --Dr. Jasmine Rivas, Class of 2018, Family Medicine resident at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina.


“UMHS provided me with the opportunity to rotate at a variety of teaching hospitals throughout the U.S during my clinical years. This gave me the chance to care for diverse patient populations. These experiences have helped me grow as a physician and given me the confidence and knowledge to benefit my future patients."--Dr. Jenna Ulrich, Class of 2018, Internal Medicine resident at Yale New Haven Bridgeport Hospital in Bridgeport, Connecticut.


“The dedication and perseverance of Caribbean medical students shines through and I have thoroughly developed my strong work ethic by attending UMHS. Physicians require excellent communication and collaboration skills. These characteristics were reinforced from our first anatomy class right up until our clinical-skills sessions in Maine where we worked in groups regularly. Having participated in UMHS programs such as the mentor-mentee program and becoming a teaching assistant also enabled me to become a better mentor for others.” --Dr. Mikayla Troughton, Class of 2018, Anesthesiology resident at the University of Arkansas College of Medicine in Little Rock, Arkansas.


“UMHS professors are open to help you with any questions you have and help to ensure you understand concepts that are difficult.” --Dr. April Frater, Class of 2018, Family Medicine resident at Tuscaloosa College of Community Health Sciences in Alabama


UMHS Class of 2017 Testimonials


"I had great faith in attending UMHS. I knew they would move this medical school to the correct path based on their history with molding great medical schools." --Dr. Sarhad Najor, Class of 2017, Med/Peds resident at Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan


"I went to UMHS because of their Extended Basic Sciences program and awesome school facilities in St. Kitts. As a result of a reduced course load in the Basic Sciences program, I was able to excel academically." --Dr. Nichole Zuccarini, Class of 2017, Internal Medicine resident at Detroit Medical Center Sinai-Grace Hospital in Michigan.


"UMHS provided an avenue for me to fulfill my career goal of becoming a practicing physician in Canada. I was drawn to the smaller class sizes, favorable island living conditions in St. Kitts, new facilities, and the promising hospital affiliations, including the opportunity to complete a third-year core rotation in Canada." --Dr. Rohan Manocha, Class of 2017, Family Medicine resident at University of Toronto-Downton in Toronto, Canada.


UMHS Class of 2016 Testimonials 


"The professors in St. Kitts challenged me both personally and professionally. Island life helped me to become less rigid, more relaxed and allowed me to meet people from all over, including some that I now consider family. I was also fortunate enough to have an amazing set of preceptors in my clinical education that truly wanted to teach and share their knowledge as well as push me to become a better doctor." --Dr. Miriam Bernstein, Class of 2016, OB-GYN resident at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland.


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