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It is never too early to start thinking about how to finance your medical education. Although, for many students the financial aid process may seem daunting, the financial aid counselors at UMHS can help you build a successful financial plan for your future as a health care professional.  UMHS offers several forms of financial aid for those who qualify.


As soon as you submit your admission application, you should start reviewing all of the information in the financial aid section of our website. Once accepted, and within 180 days of your anticipated matriculation term, you will receive a financial aid package to the email address you entered on your admission application. After you have reviewed your financial aid package, you should call for counseling. As soon as you get the financial aid package email, follow the instructions to start your application.


It is important to review and understand how your existing educational debt, personal financial resources and credit history may impact your ability to finance your medical education.   We stand ready to assist you in this matter, and will provide you with both guidance and an understanding of the financial aid process. This service is provided to current and perspective students.  


All students are advised to call or visit the Office of Financial Aid prior to matriculation, to discuss and develop a viable financial plan for their education. After counseling and plan development, you will understand:

  1. How much money you will need, when you will need it and where you will get it from.
  2. Your credit report and how credit history affects your ability to obtain student loans.
  3. What you can do to build good credit and how debt management can help maintain your financial health.
  4. What you need to do for any existing student loans you may have while you are in enroleld in UMHS.


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Students who have borrowed previous education loans need to be diligent about monitoring the status of ALL existing student loan accounts while enrolled at UMHS.  Since UMHS has not been approved to participate in the Federal Student Aid Programs, any existing student loans will not be eligible for in-school deferment. UMHS also does not automatically report enrollment to lenders.

In-school deferment forms require a federal school code. UMHS does not have a federal school code. If a deferment form is submitted to Registrar, it will be completed, less the school code field, and submitted to your lender. However, approval is not guaranteed. You must monitor your accounts to ensure the outcome of your deferment request.  If the request is not approved, you can apply for a forbearance. Forbearance is another type of non-repayment status. However, you must make sure to make all required payments on time, and in full, until either a deferment or forbearance is approved.


Failure to maintain all of your student loan accounts, can result in an inability to qualify for the funding you need for your medical education. Sallie Mae does not take lightly any delinquencies that may appear on your credit report for any student loans. Depending on the severity of the delinquency you may not even qualify with a good cosigner. This will leave you with very limited funding options. Do not put yourself in this position. 



In accordance with the Family Educational Rights of Privacy Act (FERPA), UMHS does not disclose personally identifiable information, or personal financial data from any educational records unless the student has consented. To consent, a student must complete the UMHS Information Disclosure Consent Form and return it to the Office of Financial Aid. 


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