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Dean's Scholarship, President’s Scholarship and Founder’s Scholarship Programs


The Dean’s, President’s and Founder’s scholarships are merit based awards provided to qualified students as new matriculates. Awards granted under these programs are based on the academic strengths shown in each student’s application for admission.   All accepted students are considered for these programs. No additional application is required to apply. Awards granted under these programs are applicable towards tuition for basic science semesters attended on the St Kitts campus. A comprehensive review of the accepted student's admissions file is conducted to demine award amounts. We will weigh all cumulative GPA’s; as well as GPA’s for all premedical coursework, advanced Biology coursework, and graduate and medical school coursework.


 Dean’s Scholarship:  Award amount is $1250/term or $1000/term for students in the EBS program

 President’s Scholarship:  Award amount is $1500/term or $1200/term for students in the EBS program

 Founder’s Scholarship:  Award amount is $1750/term or $1400/term for students in the EBS program


Recipients will be notified via email. Terms of each award will be outlined in the award letter.



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Dr. William Thurman Scholarship for Academic Excellence


Founding Provost, Dr William Thurman, made an enormous contribution to the creation and development of UMHS. His spirit of professionalism along with a clear student-centered approach lives on, and is part of the UMHS ethos. Dr. Thurman loved medicine and always inspired students to achieve greatness. To honor his memory and lasting impact on our University, the Board of Trustees has established the Dr. William Thurman Scholarship for Academic Excellence. This scholarship will be awarded to exemplary students who demonstrate academic excellence during their clinical semesters.


The Dr. Thurman Scholarship will be implemented on September 1, 2018. The scholarship will be awarded towards semesters 6-10. All clinical semesters starting on or after 9/1/18 will be considered. This scholarship will not be applied retroactively. The Dr. Thurman Scholarship for Academic Excellence bears a per semester award of $1,000 for students meeting the following criteria:


1.  Must maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.80 for an award toward any clinical semester

2.  Must achieve a minimum of 75 on the first attempt of all NBME Core Shelf exams, for an award toward semesters 7, 8, and 9

3.  Must be in good academic standing for an award toward any clinical semester

4.  Must earn a score of 240 or higher on a first attempt at USMLE Step 1 for a semester 6 award

5.  Must earn a score of 240 or higher on first attempt at USMLE Step 2 CK for a semester 10 award


Starting in June 2018, in recognition of the graduating student demonstrating the highest academic achievements, the scholarship will grant an annual award to the Valedictorian in the amount of $2500. The award will be disbursed directly to the Valedictorian at graduation.


Students that have any questions should contact Dr. Brijette Sena, Associate Dean of Academic Administration, There is no application necessary. Students’ academic records will be reviewed upon receipt of each NBME and USMLE Score. Any award granted will be applied to the appropriate semester.  


In concert with the Kittian Government, UMHS offers two significant scholarship awards will be made to citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis. Students interested in applying for the Kittitian scholarship should contact the Human Resource Management Department, Office of the Prime Minister of the Federation of St. Christopher and Nevis. Government Headquarters P.O. Box 186, Church Street, Basseterre, St. Kitts or email Telephone: 869-467-1040.


The White Coat Investor Scholarship provides several awards based on total funds raised. You must have a valid US Social Security Number to apply.


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