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Quick Tips

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Financial Aid Quick Tips

Specific details and instructions regarding financial aid will be emailed to you in advance of the semester start date. Students should not submit an application to Sallie Mae until they have received and reviewed this email. This information will help guide you through the application process.



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Sallie Mae Loan Application Time Frame

Students should not apply to Sallie Mae prior to receiving their financial aid package.



Loan Applications

Submit one loan application for the total amount you need to cover ALL semesters in your financial aid year (refer to the Cost of Attendance Section for further details)


  • As per Sallie Mae regulations, approved loan amounts must be split evenly among the number of terms in your financial aid year, and disbursed at equal time intervals.
  • It is important that you apply for the TOTAL amount you need for the ENTIRE year as shown in the cost of attendance budget in financial aid package emailed to you.



Additional Loans for Each Year of Attendance

You will need to apply for a new loan each financial aid year (refer to the Financial Aid Cost of Attendance and Financial Planning Guides on the financial aid page of the UMHS website)

The Financial Aid Office will send you an email, prior to each new financial aid year, with your cost of attendance and instructions to reapply.




Credit Check

Check your credit before you apply to Sallie Mae, or once a year. Annual Credit reports can be obtained at no cost at www.annualcreditreport.com.


  • It is especially important to review your Trans Union report, this is the company Sallie Mae uses.
  • Have your co-signers do the same.
  • If you need help understanding how the accounts in your report may affect your ability to qualify for the Sallie Mae loan, please contact the Financial Aid Office.



Loan Adjustments

If you need to make changes to your loan once it has been certified, contact the Financial Aid Office.


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Refund Checks

Refund checks will be released to you within 14 days of disbursement and after your registration is confirmed. Refer to your notice of loan certification, or log into your Sallie Mae account online, for disbursement dates.

Refunds cannot be delivered to you prior to registration.

The Office of the Bursar handles all student billing and billing account transactions, including calculation and delivery of refund checks. Questions regarding your refund check should be directed to Bursar.


Loan Deferment

UMHS does NOT have a federal school code for in-school deferment of your existing student loans. We do not automatically report enrollment to lenders.

If you have existing loans, it will be at your lender's discretion to approve or deny a deferment/forbearance request.



Enrollment Verification Form Certification

If you have a form that requires school certification of your enrollment at UMHS, send them to Ms. Harrison in the Office of the Registrar. Forms can NOT be certified until after you are registered and enrolled.


If you ever need to change your enrollment status, contact the Office of the Registrar to receive and complete the required forms.




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