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Financial Aid FAQ's



1. How much does it cost to attend UMHS?

Effective for the FALL 2018 term:

1)  Tuition for standard program basic science terms is $13,200 per semester.

2)  Tuition for EBS program terms is  $10,930 per semester.

3)  Tuition for med5 at the Maine campus and all Clinical Science semesters is $15,850 per semester.


2. How many semesters will I attend? 

The M.D. degree program consists of five academic years divided into 10 semesters of 15-16 weeks each. The entire 10 semester program can be completed in four calendar years. The actual number of terms you must attend will depend on your registration each term. EBS students will have an extra term on the St Kitts Campus. 


3. How much does it cost to live at the school? 

Student’s generally spend anywhere from $6,000 to $8,000 per semester on living expenses. The amount of money spent varies by the life style choices of each student. For example, a shared apartment can cost a student from $500 to $1,500 per month.


4. What does the term Estimate Cost of Attendance mean?

The Estimated Cost of Attendance (COA) is a tool used by the school to offer a general idea of how much a student should expect to spend for a specific period of time. It includes tuition, which is set; as well as the living expenses which can vary. Living Expenses included are: Room, Board (Food), Transportation, Books, Fees, and Miscellaneous expenses. The COA is also the maximum amount of aid a student can receive for the identified enrollment period.


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5. What services does the financial aid office offer the students?

Our financial aid office is available to help students determine how much money they will need to attend the school; how much they can get from scholarship and loan programs, and how much personal funds they will need to contribute. We also offer budgeting and credit repair counseling.


6. What scholarship opportunities exist for students at UMHS?

UMHS offers partial tuition merit based scholarship programs. All incoming students are automatically reviewed for merit based scholarship awards. Many organizations and communities located in physician shortage areas offer scholarships to attend medical school. Students can research and apply for these types of support on-line. Church and private local organizations are also good sources of scholarship information.


7. What loans are available to students at UMHS?

U.S. Students invited to attend the Accelerated Review Program can apply for a Sallie Mae Smart Options Loan for any amount up to the full COA for their enrollment period.  U.S. Students attending the MD program, regardless of curricular path, are eligible for apply for the Sallie Mae Medical School Loan. Student may also opt to have a sponsor apply for the Sallie Mae Parent Loan.  Canadian Students are encouraged to apply to their Provincial Ministry of Education for funding available through their programs.  Canadian Private Education Loan programs from Royal Bank of Canada, National Bank of Canada, Scotia bank, and TD may be available to Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents. These loans are credit based and will require a cosigner sine you will be studying outside of Canada.


8. When should I apply for financial aid?

You should wait until you have received your acceptance letter from the admissions department AND the financial aid package that will be emailed to you. Once you have both letters, follow the instructions in the financial aid email.


9. How can I find out more about Financial Aid at UMHS?

You can call the Financial Aid Office, and talk to a counselor, weekdays between 7:30 AM and 5:00 PM. Our email address is: finaid@umhs-sk.net


10. Do I have to submit a deposit, or can I wait for my financial aid?

You must submit the deposit to reserve your seat in the class. The deposit will be applied to your billing account and will offset your tuition charges.


11. My Sallie Mae loan is approved, what happens now?

Once your loan is fully approved, the financial aid office will certify it to be disbursed.  Loans are disbursed to the school on a semester by semester basis. Disbursements are generally scheduled 10 days prior to term starts, when possible. Sallie Mae policies may affect disbursement dates. Disbursements are received by Bursar and applied to your student billing account like a payment. If you have borrowed more than your balance due, the “payment” will generate a negative balance and now you are due “change”. This “change” will be delivered to you at or after registration in the form of a refund check.  Please note that it can take up to two weeks from disbursement date for refund checks  to be processed, mailed and delivered to you.  If you have a question regarding your refund check you will need to contact Bursar.



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