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Cost and funding for the Advanced Review Program


We are excited that the admissions department has invited you to attend our ARP program and hope you decide to accept this opportunity to solidify your knowledge foundation before starting your medical education.


It is important that you are aware of all anticipated costs for this program, so you can make sufficient financial plans in advance. A cost of attendance (COA) has been created to outline the total cost of this program for you. The COA includes all direct charges that you will be billed for by the university, as well as all indirect expenses that will not be charged by the school (airfare, rent, groceries…).


This budget is calculated based on the average student, in a capacity to support that student to live modestly, like a student during the time enrolled in the program.


Advance Review Program (ARP)


    Itemized Expenses Cost:  
  Tuition  $8,350
  Room & Board $6,500
   Transportation $1,125
  Books & Supplies $300
  Student Government Assoc fees $30
  Personal Incidentals  $750
  Air Evacuation Insurance  $105
  Health Insurance $400
  TOTAL $17,560



These figures are calculated as follows:

Tuition: Actual amount billed by school

Room & Board:

  • Costs for housing expenses are calculated at $1000.00 per month
  • Food allowance is included at $100.00 per week.
  • Students need to budget for typical living expenses incurred during daily life: housing, utilities, food, etc. Estimates provided anticipate that students will live in safe, comfortable, but modest accommodations. This will generally mean living like a student with a roommate.



  • $900.00 for one round trip air-ticket for travel to St. Kitts at the beginning of the program and to depart the island when the term is over
  • $15.00 per week, for transportation expenses on the island

Books & Supplies: to cover cost of any books and school supplied need for the term

Personal Incidentals: $50.00 per week allowance for any miscellaneous personal expenses

Health and Evacuation Insurance: All students are required to have medical and emergency evacuation insurance. If you do not have coverage you will be given the option to purchase insurance through UMHS. If you already have health insurance be sure to contact your provider to ensure coverage will remain effective while you are attending school outside of the U.S.

  • A median rate, of the school sponsored health insurance policy, is included in the COA
  • Actual per semester charge for air-evacuation insurance 


Payment and funding options available for the ARP


Direct Pay: You will receive a bill from the university Bursar. You can contact Bursar for all available payment options for submitting payment in full as due prior to registration.

Payment Plan: If you need to split your total bill into several smaller payments over the course of the program, you can contact Bursar to set up a payment plan.

Student loans: Sallie Mae has extended their undergraduate Smart Option Student Loan program to eligible UMHS ARP students. This program is only available to students of US citizenship or Permanent Residency.

All students, of eligible citizenship status, who have been extended an invitation to attend the Advance Review Program will receive an email with all pertinent financial aid information.



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Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan


Please wait until you receive the financial aid package email with all specific instructions for your term of interest prior to applying for any loan.


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Apply using the easy online application: 



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