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Campus Life


The University of Medicine and Health Sciences' campus has a vibrant atmosphere, evoking a collegial environment. The students, faculty, and staff are all dedicated to medical education. Faculty maintain open office hours throughout the day to support students. Campus facilities, such as the library and Learning Resource Center, are open 7 days a week. Most of the campus is open from 7 AM to 11 PM Monday through Friday with reduced hours on the weekend.  Transportation is provided throughout the day-time and evening hours to shuttle students that live outside of the campus area.






Organizations and Clubs


The University of Medicine and Health Sciences supports a variety of campus organizations and clubs including a Student Government Association (SGA) and a chapter of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA). Student Government is made up of elected representatives from each of the classes in St. Kitts. They are the voice of the student body and actively liaison with senior administrators and faculty throughout the semester. They are also involved in coordinating several student functions including the welcome-back party and the senior banquet.



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Safety and Security


UMHS takes the safety and security of its students, faculty and staff very seriously. St. Kitts is a relatively safe island, however we urge students to exercise normal precautions as if they were visiting any large city. Be aware of local surroundings and avoid crimes of opportunity by not leaving valuables unattended or doors unlocked. The University has its own full-time security force that is present on campus 24 hours per day.  Security staff will come to a student's aid at any time and in any location on the island. There is a security office on campus to assist with any questions or concerns.


Student Body


The student body at the University of Medicine and Health Sciences is extremely diverse - from ages, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, genders, and religious beliefs. Students are primarily from the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Everyone, however, shares at least one thing in common – the desire to become a licensed and practicing physician. By dedicating themselves to this purpose, students find themselves in a supportive, rewarding, and enriching peer group of likeminded people.


On weekdays, UMHS students are in class for most of the day, and then will typically study until 10-11 pm. However, on weekends our students do spend time enjoying the natural beauty of St. Kitts, the vibrant island night life, and the unique opportunity to live and study in another culture. 



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Support Services


Support services are provided to help counteract academic concerns, poor health, stress, or other problems that may negatively impact the educational process.  Each student is assigned a faculty advisor to provide educational support and guidance when determining future career goals.  The promotions committee tracks each student throughout the semester and will identify students that are having academic difficulty. Students will be called into the Dean's office to address any issues and to develop an action plan to remediate any deficiencies.  As a result of our early detection plan, we have been able to maintain an extremely low attrition rate of 4%.  In addition, the faculty at UMHS are fully dedicated to the success of our students and have daily office hours to meet with students that have questions and concerns. 


Health Care


All University students are required to maintain health and evacuation insurance coverage. The university can provide this insurance to students who are not covered. There is a hospital in the capital city, Bassettere, that is accessible to students. In addition, there are also health clinics and private physicians that treat students. UMHS has a campus clinic, staffed by a trained and practicing nurse, who provides students with care or referral for additional medical services.  All students are required to obtain the university evacuation insurance which covers the cost of the evacuation in the event of a medical emergency.




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