Articulation Agreements
Articulation Agreements

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Articulation Agreements


UMHS has articulation agreements with various undergraduate institutions in the US and Canada.  Articulation agreements allow prospective students from partnering universities to automatically qualify for admission to UMHS once a student meets a minimum agreed upon standard set in the articulation agreement.


Generally, these standards include:

1. Completion of the 90 semester hours of premed prerequisite courses

2. Meeting a minimum GPA requirement

3. Meeting a minimum MCAT score requirement

4. A recommendation for admission following an interview with a UMHS representative

5. Evidence of good citizenship in school and community

6. Written recommendation from the undergraduate institution


UMHS has articulation agreements with the following schools.  If you are interested in applying to UMHS and you currently attend one of these institutions, you should contact UMHS admissions for more information.


1. Carleton University

2. Georgia Southern University

3. Gannon University

4. University of Missouri – St Louis

5. Malcom X College

6. Dominican University

        7. Georgia State University





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