Tuition and Fees
Tuition and Fees

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Tuition and Fees


Basic Science Tuition: Semesters 1-4 


 Basic Science Program  Per Semester Fee  
 Basic Science Tuition                                 $13,700.00  
Lab Fees  $800.00  
Student Government Association  $30.00  
Evacuation Insurance  $105.00  
Health Insurance (age-based)  $278.00-$669.00  
 TOTAL                                                    $14,913.00-$15,304.00  



Extended Basic Sciences Tuition: Semesters 1-5 (St. Kitts)


 Extended Basic Science Program  Per Semester Fee  
 Extended Basic Sciences Tuition  $11,430.00  
 Lab Fees  $800.00  
 Student Government Association Fees  $30.00  
 Evacuation Insurance  $105.00  
 Health Insurance (age based)   $278.00-$669.00  
 TOTAL  $12,643.00 - $13,043.00  



Clinical Science Tuition: Semesters 5-10  


 Clinical Science Program  Per Semester Fee  
 Clinical Science Tuition                                 $16,350.00  
 Liability Insurance  $344.00  
 Health Insurance (age based)  $375.00 - $903.00  
 TOTAL  $17,069.00 - $17,597.00  



Accelerated Review Program Tuition 


 Accelerated Review Program  Per Semester Fee  
 Accelerated Review Program Tuition                     $8,850.00  
 Student Government Association Fees  $30.00  
 Evacuation Insurance  $105.00  
 Health Insurance (age based)   $278.00-$669.00  
 TOTAL                         $9,263.00 - $9,654.00  



Effective: Sept 2019

Tuition and Fees are subject to change without notice.


** Any credits above or below the semester total credits will be charged at a rate of $875.00 ** per credit (EBS and BAS); $1000 per credit (CLN #5-10)


Payment Options: (All payments must be in U.S dollars and drawn from a U.S bank)

  1)  Check

  2)  Money Order

  3)  Credit Card (Master Card and Visa)

  4)  Wire Transfer



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Tuition and Fees 

The University understands the significance of student debt load and has purposefully established tuition at a value that makes the academic program affordable, and far below that of many other medical schools. We pride ourselves on providing a quality education at an affordable price.


There are two categories of costs associated with attending an educational institution: direct and indirect.


Direct Costs

Direct costs are those associated specifically with the educational process. Direct charges include tuition, lab fees, course fees, medical and evacuation insurance, and applicable registration fees.  These are billed directly from the University to the student.


Indirect Costs

Indirect costs include, but are not limited to housing, living expenses, books, supplies, and transportation. Students are responsible for indirect expenses. UMHS does not bill nor receive money for indirect costs.


Although calculating financial aid eligibility involves the total of all direct and indirect expenses, students will only be billed for the direct costs at UMHS. Students who qualify may choose to apply for available loan programs to assist with their educational and (if applicable) living expenses. 


Direct Costs   

Health Insurance

Health insurance is required for all students enrolled at UMHS. Enrollment in the medical health insurance plan offered by UMHS is automatic unless proof of health insurance is provided by the student before or during registration.  The cost of health insurance purchased through UMHS varies depending upon a student's age. The cost is billed at the beginning of each semester.

Evacuation Insurance

Students are required to have evacuation insurance while living on St. Kitts. In the event of a medical emergency where a student may need to be evacuated to a US hospital, this would cover that cost.  Enrollment in the medical evacuation insurance plan offered by UMHS is automatic. It is due at the beginning of each semester.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is required for every student during fifth semester at the Portland, Maine campus and while completing clinical rotations at any UMHS affiliated teaching hospital. Students will be provided further details regarding liability insurance prior to returning to the U.S. for fifth semester.


Laboratory and Competency Testing Fees

Students are responsible for laboratory and competency testing fees each semester. The laboratory fee will be billed along with tuition for all semesters in St. Kitts.



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Indirect Costs


While UMHS only bills for direct costs, students should also take into account indirect costs when planning their financial needs. These include:

Books and Equipment

Students receive a list of the required books, supplies and uniforms which they will need to purchase for each semester. The most efficient way to obtain these items is through the Campus Bookstore located on our campus in St. Kitts. Students can purchase all their books and supplies during registration. All books offered will be the latest editions available at the time of shipping.


If you purchase books in advance of matriculating to campus, students should be aware that airlines have weight restrictions for checked luggage. Be sure to verify the luggage weight limit for your airlines beforehand. Students may ship their books to campus through either Amerijet or Tropical Shipping.


Tablet/Laptop Computers

Students are required to bring a laptop/tablet computer to campus as of first semester. UMHS has followed the lead of U.S. medical schools in developing a digital library of histological and pathological images. Students can use their computers to manipulate the images and resolution to optimize their learning experience.  While in class, students access the univeristies Learning Management System which contains faculty powerpoint presentations, class notes, and further details about the course as well as assignments.  More detailed information about Laptop and tablet requirements can be found at the computer requirements page on our website. 

For more information about laptop/tablet computer requirements, contact IT Director, Wayne Williams at


Transportation Costs

Students are required to pay for their airfare to the island and all travel costs to clinical sites in the US and Canada.


UMHS provides transportation for all students to and from campus and their housing locations on St. Kitts.  Students may choose to purchase or lease a car from a private individual for the time they are in St. Kitts. The costs associated with purchasing and maintaining a used car can vary widely and range between $3,000.00 to $5,000.00. Students should be aware that the vehicle purchase is solely the student's responsibility and not a function of any office at the University. Students should check the campus bulletin boards for advertisements on used cars.


Living Expenses

Students need to budget for typical living expenses, including housing, utilities, food, local transportation, and entertainment. Costs will vary based on the level of accommodation and location.  A detailed breakdown of expenses are provided in the financial aid section of this website. 



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Estimated Cost of Attendance


To learn more about the estimated cost of attendance and how to financially plan for your education at UMHS, please refer to the Financial Aid section of the website. Learn more about the Estmated Cost of Attendance.


Tuition Refund Policy


Students who officially withdraw from the university will have their refunds, if any, calculated according to the tuition refund schedule that is published in the student handbook and website. The percentage of refund is based on the actual date of withdrawal recorded by the Registrar. This may not necessarily result in a refund and, in some instances a tuition balance may still be due. Insurance and fees are non-refundable. Refunds are mailed directly to the student's permanent address by the Bursar's Office.


When withdrawing from the University, a student is required to complete and file the appropriate form before being entitled to any credit or refund of tuition. The completed document must be returned to the Registrar's office. Once the form is processed, it will constitute an official withdrawal from the University. Discontinued attendance or notification to the instructor or any other office will not constitute an official withdrawal.


The effective date of a withdrawal is normally the student's last date of attendance. The University's handling of tuition and charges corresponds with federal loan entitlement regulations, which are based on the period attended:


1)  If a student withdraws prior to the start of a semester, no tuition charges are due.

2)  If a student withdraws within the first 60% of a semester, tuition is prorated based on the number of  days attended during that term.

3)  If a student withdraws after the first 60% of a semester, full tuition/charges remain due.

4)  For withdrawals during the first 60% of a semester, student loan entitlement is recalculated in accordance with federal loan regulations. If applicable, the University and the student are each proportionally responsible for returning "unearned" loan funds to lenders. In addition to the lender returns required by federal regulations, the University returns any remaining credit balance to lenders, which decreases the student's loan debt for that semester.

5)  All self-paying students (non-financial aid) who officially withdraw from the University during the first 60% of a semester may receive a tuition refund in accordance with the pro-rated tuition standard listed above.


Although a leave of absence may be authorized in limited circumstances, failure to return to school from a leave of absence is considered a withdrawal as of the last date of attendance.  Under federal regulations, a leave of absence: must be requested and approved in advance; may not exceed 180 days; and may not be granted within 12 months of a previous leave of absence. An interruption of enrollment status that does not qualify as a leave of absence is considered a withdrawal as of the last date of attendance.  Information about registration, benefits, and coverage are given to students at orientation.


Bursar Department 

460 West 34th Street, 4th Fl.
New York, NY 10001

Phone: 212-868-0855
Fax: 212-868-4725


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