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April Frater




Residency in Family Medicine

Tuscaloosa College of Community Health Sciences, Alabama


“Physicians have to be dedicated to their patients and career and I believe that UMHS helps strengthen that. You have to be super dedicated. I believe that I have gained the ability to adapt quickly to new and stressful situations which is something I didn’t possess before. Completing a rotation in one city on Friday and moving to a new city to begin a new rotation on a Monday has taught me to just take one day at a time and not to get overwhelmed by change.”

Mikayla Troughton




Residency in Anesthesiology

University of Arkansas College of Medicine


“After having looked into many medical schools abroad, UMHS stood out to me because they truly care about you as an individual and as a student, not to mention the great facilities and brand new anatomy lab on the island. I wanted a more personalized experience during medical school and I liked the fact that UMHS offered small class sizes along with TA sessions, peer mentors and office hours catering to all learning styles. Everyone at UMHS was very supportive and the caring environment enabled you to reach your full potential.”

Dr Fill 1


Dr. Kirsten Fill, M.D.

Class of 2017

Residency in Anesthesiology

Drexel University


UMHS: What was the greatest thing about learning you matched?

“My heart rate normalizing. Then realizing it was in the specialty and hospital I wanted”


UMHS Class of 2017 graduate Dr. Kirsten Fill didn’t always plan on becoming a doctor.  The Ontario native studied biomedical engineering at Queens University and started a corporate job after graduation, but decided she wanted something more rewarding.  She decided to pursue the passion for medicine she developed as an undergraduate.

Dr Manocha


Dr. Rohan Manocha, M.D.

Class of 2017

Residency in Family Medicine

University of Toronto


“UMHS provided an avenue for me to fulfill my career goal of becoming a practicing physician in Canada.”


 UMHS Class of 2017 graduate Dr. Rohan Manocha starts his residency in Family Medicine at University of Toronto – Downtown this summer and he is pleased to be returning to the Toronto area. Dr. Manocha grew up in nearby Richmond Hill and studied Kinesiology at Western University in London, Ontario. An avid Toronto sports fan, Dr. Manocha realized he had a passion for medicine while taking anatomy and physiology courses as an undergrad and volunteering his time at the local hospital in his hometown of Richmond Hill. 

Aaron Hoo ca


Dr. Aaron Hoo, M.D.

Class of 2016

Residency in Family Medicine

University of Manitoba 


“I was impressed with the investment in the St. Kitts campus and was assured by the fact that UMHS was founded by Dr. Ross and a team of staff with an established track record for managing and growing a Caribbean medical school”  


Dr. Aaron Hoo is the first-ever UMHS graduate to match in the second iteration of CaRMs (Canadian Residency Matching System) Family Medicine residency. Originally from Malaysia, Dr. Hoo moved to Canada as a child in the 1980s. Like many students at Caribbean medical schools, Dr. Hoo took an unusual path to becoming a doctor. He earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a diploma in Naturopathic Medicine. He worked as everything from a banker to a Naturopathic Doctor in private practice in his hometown of Vancouver, Canada before entering UMHS.

Dr Rajagopal


Dr. Thivisa Rajagopal

Class of 2016

Residency in Family Medicine

Washington Health System


“Every aspect of UMHS makes you become an independent, self-learning and brilliant doctor”


UMHS 2016 graduates Dr. Thivisa Rajagopal and husband Dr. Thushyanthan Pathmalingam both decided to attend UMHS when they had trouble getting into Canadian medical schools. Dr. Rajagopal immigrated to Canada from her native Sri Lanka at a young age and always wanted to be a doctor. Today that dream has become a reality as she and her husband recently started Family Medicine residencies at the Washington Health System in Pennsylvania.

Dr Gizzi1


Dr. Lara Gizzi, M.D.

Class of 2014

Residency in Family Medicine

University of Ottawa 


“The faculty-to-student ratio was ideal. I was able to form close connections with my professors, as they were available and approachable and got to know me well.“


UMHS graduate Dr. Lara Gizzi took time from her hectic schedule–juggling duties as a Family Medicine resident at the University of Ottawa in Canada, research projects, exams and a work lifestyle she describes as an “absolute whirlwind”–to speak to the UMHS Endeavour. We were especially interested in speaking to Dr. Gizzi because she has a unique perspective on working in medicine in Canada.

Dr Gosain Grad


Dr. Rahul Gosain, M.D.

Class of 2013

Residency in Internal Medicine

Johns Hopkins University


“Looking back at where I started and where I am today, UMHS has played a big role.”


UMHS graduate Dr. Rahul Gosain is completing his residency in Internal Medicine at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University-Sinai Hospital and will start a fellowship in Hematology/Oncology at the University of Louisville in June. He is one of the first UMHS graduates to apply for a fellowship.

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