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Admissions Overview


Students enrolled at the University of Medicine and Health Sciences (UMHS) possess a commitment to serve others, and are highly motivated and dedicated to becoming successful, caring physicians. We are always seeking new students who exhibit these traits to join our diverse student body.


If you feel that you fit this description, we encourage you to complete an application for admission. After a thorough evaluation of your candidacy, if you are offered admission, we hope you will consider joining us.  Candidates who meet our basic requirements are given an opportunity to discuss their academic records and passion for medicine, as well as provide any other background information during an in-person interview with one of the University’s admissions staff members. UMHS accepts applicants in three annual enrollment terms: January, May, and September





Admissions Criteria


Comprehensive Approach

UMHS believes in a comprehensive approach when making admission decisions. There is no single factor or criterion that will determine whether or not the Faculty Admissions Committee will accept an applicant. Serious consideration is given to all candidates showing the potential to succeed in the University’s rigorous academic program. Many variables are carefully reviewed when assessing a candidate including: academic performance; course credit load; work, volunteer and research experience; letters of recommendation; and personal statement. At UMHS the total student is evaluated.


After a preliminary evaluation, candidates who meet our basic requirements are given an opportunity to discuss their academic background and their interest in medicine during an in-person interview with a University admissions staff member. During this time the prospective student’s maturity, aptitude, and motivation are assessed and weighed against other aspects of the application.

Academic Performance

We are seeking to determine whether or not applicants have the intellectual capability to perform in a challenging medical school curriculum. To this end, the Office of Admissions will compute as many as five separate GPAs, based on varied criteria, in order to determine eligibility. We are specifically interested in the pattern of your academic development and look for identifiable trends in your performance.

Test Taking Ability

We are interested in seeing a completed standardized test in the form of the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Transfer applicants who have not taken USMLE Step I are required to submit their MCAT scores, so that we may assess your academic background relative to placement in our program. (The MCAT has been temporarily waived in light of the current Coronavirus pandemic)


Perhaps one of the most important qualities of an applicant is their level of personal motivation for success. We seek students who have demonstrated the ability to adapt, to study hard, to integrate various modes of instruction, and to retain the useful knowledge required for promotion. Your personal statement, letters of recommendation, and personal interview will be important components of your application in this way.


Visit the Admissions Process section of this site to learn about specific admissions requirements and how to complete the process.




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