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UMHS Students Selected for Medical Research Elective This Summer


Medical Research Elective starts this summer, allowing students to work on diverse projects under supervision of Course Director Dr. Jane Harrington.



In the Summer 2015, UMHS will be launching the inaugural semester of the Medical Research Elective under the supervision of Course Director Dr. Jane Harrington.


Students will be involved in diverse projects, including hospital microbial surface sampling, environmental DNA-Barcoding, analyzing monkey fecal diversity and eradication methods of Pseudomonas from faucets. Each student will gain valuable experience using the Scientific Method and produce a publication-quality paper.




Selected Students


Through a competitive application process, the following students have been selected: EBS4 = Bernadette Schmidt and Victoria Gonzalez; EBS3 = Katie Plemmons and Genevieve Aube; EBS2 = Wined Ramirez-Lopez and Laura Mena-Albors; EBS1 = Tasia Bradley and Samah Halbouni.

Congratulations to all the students selected.




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