Faculty and Administration
Faculty and Administration

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Faculty and Administration


The Faculty at UMHS are all highly credentialed and recruited primarily from the United States and Canada.  They love to teach and are fully committed to each student’s success.  Unlike many other Caribbean schools, we provide students with a personalized education.  We achieve this by maintaining a small school environment to ensure an 8 to1 faculty to student ratio.    Most of the faculty have years of academic experience and have achieved the rank of full professor.   Our 4% attrition rate is one of the lowest in the Caribbean and is in part due to the support services which includes faculty advisement, counseling, tutoring and mentoring


Each faculty member was selected because of their unique set of academic medicine capabilities. Team members range from educators who transitioned from private practice to academic medicine, to members who have spent their entire careers focused on providing the finest instruction to medical students.  By providing students with the best faculty, exceptional resources, and the tools to succeed, we have created an academic environment where students can flourish and accomplish their dreams.








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