The curriculum at UMHS is modeled after the best U.S. medical schools.  We offer a traditional Basic and Clinical Science program, and English is the sole language of instruction.  The academic program is both accelerated and rigorous, with a focus on preparing students for licensure in the United States and Canada.  The university prides itself in maintaining great outcomes on licensing examinations.  To ensure student success we are one of the only off shore medical schools to integrate into the Basic Science Curriculum the Kaplan Review Program beginning in the first semester.  As a result, students are virtually preparing for the USMLE the day they start medical school.

UMHS operates on a trimester schedule, with classes beginning in September, January, and May.  Each semester is approximately 15 weeks in length, and students can complete the 10-semester program in roughly four years.  The Basic Science curriculum, semesters one through four, is offered at our state-of-the-art campus in St. Kitts. UMHS' faculty are highly qualified and appropriately credentialed.  They are recruited primarily from the United States and are fully dedicated to our student's success. 


We maintain small classes to ensure a personalized education.  The University provides a variety of support services throughout the Basic Science program to ensure that students succeed academically and personally.  As a result, we have been able to maintain a 4% attrition rate which is one of the lowest in the Caribbean.  Our faculty are dedicated to your success.  They virtually spend all of their time teaching, counselling and tutoring students, as well as providing guidance and support. 





Basic Science Curriculum: Semesters 1-4   


Semester 1  


 Course  Credits  
 Gross and Developmental Anatomy     11 Credits  
 Histology  5 Credits  
 Cell and Molecular Biology  6 Credits  
 Medical Ethics  1 Credits  
 Physical Diagnosis  2 Credits  
 TOTAL  25 Credits  


Semester 2  


 Course  Credits  
 Physiology                                    10 Credits  
 Biochemistry  7 Credits  
 Genetics  3 Credits  
 Biostatistics and Epidemiology  2 Credits  
 Immunology  2 Credits  
 TOTAL  24 Credits  


Semester 3  


 Course  Credits  
 Pathology I                                  9 Credits  
 Neuroscience/Neuroanatomy  7 Credits  
 Microbiology  5 Credits  
 Behavioral Sciences  5 Credits  
 TOTAL  26 Credits  


Semester 4  


 Course  Credits  
 Pathology II     12 Credits  
 Pharmacology and Therapeutics  7 Credits  
 Introduction to Clinical Medicine I  6 Credits  
 TOTAL  25 Credits  



academic human simulation sim



UMHS Human Simulation Labs


Students are introduced to clinical material throughout the Basic Science Program.  To enhance their pre-clinical experience, students will rotate through our 24 bed virtual hospital and have access to professional patients, the local hospital, as well as the local health care facilities.  The lab includes a mix of both high and low fidelity simulation utilizing the latest in technology including I-Stan and Harvey.  During Introduction to Clinical Medicine I, students fine tune their clinical skills and prepare them for ICM II in Maine.


NBME Shelf Exams

Throughout the Basic and Clinical Science Program students will sit for shelf examinations developed by the NBME (National Board of Medical Examiners).  These are the same examinations offered to students attending U.S. medical schools. They are similar in style and content to questions on the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE). Students receive a detailed analysis of each exam showing their strengths and weaknesses, which helps guide students in their preparation for the USMLE Step 1. 


Biochemistry class


5th Semester, Portland Maine


After completing the Basic Science Program, students transition to our 5th semester program at our campus in Portland, Maine.  The first eight weeks consist of an Introduction to Clinical Medicine, where students are mentored by approximately 40 clinical faculty and are exposed to a variety of clinical settings to further enhance their clinical skills.  The last seven weeks are dedicated to a live Kaplan USMLE review program taught by highly renowned faculty from U.S. medical schools.  Upon completion of the 5th semester, students sit for USMLE Step 1.  Our pass rate for Step 1 was 94% with an average score of 226 for Spring 2017 to Fall 2018.  Our outcomes are outstanding and we expect them to continue to improve each year.


Semester 5  Curriculum


 Course  Credits  
 Introduction to Clinical Medicine II  7 Credits  
 Biological Basis of Clinical Medicine  4 Credits  
 TOTAL  11 Credits  




resized nurses station


Clinical Program, Semesters 6-10


After passing Step 1 of the USMLE,  students are placed in clinical rotations at our affiliated teaching hospitals throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.   The Clinical Science Program includes 48 weeks of mandatory core clinical rotations and 30 weeks of elective rotations.  The core rotations represent the primary areas of medical practice while the elective rotations provide students with an understanding of the various specialties in medicine. 


Clinical Curriculum


 Course  Credits  
 Internal Medicine  12 weeks  
 Surgery  12 weeks  
 Pediatrics  6 weeks  
 Obstetrics and Gynecology  6 weeks  
 Psychiatry  6 weeks  
 Family Practice 6 weeks  
 Electives 30 weeks  
 TOTAL  78 weeks  




MAY 2015 FINAL SEMESTER20150701 IMG 4002




Affiliated Hospitals 


UMHS has established affiliations with approximately 20 teaching hospitals in New York, Connecticut, Georgia,  Oklahoma, Maryland, Michigan, Illinois, Puerto Rico, and Ontario.  In addition, we are continuing to expand the core clinical affiliations and are in negotiations with a significant number of teaching hospitals. (See clinical page for a listing of affiliated hospitals) 


academics anatomy class




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